In this section, you can configure the content that should be displayed on the Blogs page.

Blogs -> Content and Sidebar

IMPORTANT! In order to make your Blogs page more attractive to buyers, add various sections by pressing “Add section”. The theme includes different content sections for a Product page, such as Builder, Article carousel, Brand Carousel, Product Carousel, Review Carousel, Contact Form, FAQs, Gallery, Information line, Search Form, Subscription form, Collections, Lookbook, One product, Slider Revolution, Spacer. How to configure each of them you can read here.


If you want the title of the blog to be shown, you can enable the option “Show page title”. In the “Type”, you can choose how the articles should be displayed. There are 5 types available:

Please note, the “Type” settings can be applied only for the desktop. It will be shown one item in a row on mobile by default.

If you enable the option “Enable masonry” the blog posts will not have fixed height rows:

Please note, the “Enable masonry” option works only for type #2.

On the “Posts per page” scale from 3 to 24, you can set the number of posts that should be displayed on the blog page.


Here you can decide what content should be shown in the post, e.g.: image, information, tags, content, button, comments, empty comments. Simply enable the options you need. If you enable all of them, the post may look like this when being hovered over with the mouse:

On the “Max post content length (letters)” scale from 10 to 200 you can set the number of the letters that should be displayed in the post when one hovers it over with the mouse.

If you need a sidebar on article pages, activate the option in Theme settings -> Blog and Article Pages -> Blog sidebar. There you can change the positioning and visibility settings. How to configure these settings, you can read here.

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