Review carousel

If you want to show a client's review on a page, add the "Review carousel" section.

Add section -> Review carousel


Here you can add a Title for this section and it will be displayed on the home page, e.g.: “What people say”.



In this block you can choose the "Type" of the content:

Colorize style

You can select one of the proposed "Colorize styles" from the dropdown list. The theme includes three colorize styles:

Size of the columns

In “Size of the columns”, you can decide how many reviews should be shown in one row. You can show from 1 to 4 items in a row. Simply choose the needed option from the dropdown list.

Enable an “Autoplay” for the review’s sliders and set its speed on the “Autoplay speed (sec)” scale from 2 to 10 seconds. You can also enable “Arrows” to be displayed when the reviews change.


In order to add review content, you need to click on “Add Slide” and a new content block will be ready for the customization. Here you will have some fields that should be filled in with the content you want to be displayed: Title, Paragraph, User text line #1, and User text line #2. On the “Stars” scale from 1 to 5, you can choose how many stars should be displayed in the review. In “User image”, select the image of the user, who gives a review. We have added 4 content blocks and this is what we have got:

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