In this section, you can apply settings to the Cart page and cart popup.

Theme settings -> Cart


Show header button

This option allows you to decide whether the cart button should be shown in the header:

The text of the cart button can be changed by following these steps:

  • Go to your Shopify Admin -> Online Store, choose a theme, and press the dotted [...] button next to the “Customize”;

  • Click on “Edit default theme content”;

  • Press the tab “Layout” and scroll down to the “Header” block ;

  • Start editing your content.

Here is what it looks like:

Add to cart and stay on the page (AJAX)

By enabling this option, the customer will stay on the same page each time adding a new product to the cart. If the option is disabled, visitors will be redirected to the cart page by pressing the “Add to cart” button.

To show the Cart popup with the products added to the cart, decide on the popup type below.

Icon for a 'Cart' button

In this field, you can specify the icon that should be displayed next to the cart button in the Header and the product "Add to cart" button. Use an icon name from the “SNIPPET” column, which you can find here.

Enable popup

If this option is disabled, customers will be able to view the products added to the cart by pressing the cart button in the Header.

Using the option, the cart drawer or popup will appear when adding products to the cart or by clicking the cart icon.

The cart popup appearance can be determined in the following drop-down using one of the options: “Side of the screen” or “Center of the screen”.

View the examples of popup positions in the tabs:

Show quantity input

If you enable this option, the quantity input will be shown inside the cart popup under each product:

Show checkout confirmation checkbox

Tick the option to display the Terms of Use checkbox in the Subtotal area of the Cart popup/drawer.

Show taxes and shipping information

To display the taxes and shipping information underneath the Subtotal price, activate the option.

Cart page

In this sub-section, you can decide whether product vendor and customer notes should be shown on the Cart page.

Show product vendor

Activate the option to display the product vendor below each product card.

Show notes on sidebar

Add the notes on the sidebar of the Cart page to allow customers to place special instructions on the order.

Free shipping progress bar

Enable bar

If you enable this option, a free shipping progress bar will be shown at the end of the cart page.

Free shipping value

Here you can set a free shipping value. Set a free shipping limit in cents. If you offer free shipping on orders more than 50 USD, set 5000 here. Once a customer adds products to a cart with a total price greater than or equal to 50 USD, a free shipping progress bar will appear at the end of the cart page if you enable this bar above.


Set free shipping values for different currencies using the separator “|”.

E.g.: If you use three currencies for your store, add three values according to the list of currencies in the selector:

Shipping Rates Calculator

Enable or disable the Shipping rates calculator by choosing one of the options in the dropdown: “No” or “Yes”.

Default country selection

Here you can write a country, which should be shown as a default delivery country when calculating the shipping rates.

Example: If your store is in the United States and your general number of customers is from the United States, then write “United States”. It will be automatically shown in the dropdown list by calculating the delivery rates. Of course, if your store offers delivery to different countries, the clients can choose any other country from the list, but the default (main one) will be the United States in this example:

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