Apps and Language

In this section, you can configure the translation apps and store languages.

Theme settings -> Apps and Language


Language app

Shella theme has an option “Language app”. Here you have a dropdown list, which offers you to choose the translation app you use for your store and which is compatible with the Shella theme, links list, and none. Now let's talk about each option.

  • Store languages (Default)

    Default Shopify behaviors Go to Online Store -> Themes, press the dotted [...] button next to the “Customize” and hit “Edit default theme content” to manage the active language and edit texts.

  • Weglot

    Shella theme already includes the code needed for the Weglot app. You should install the Weglot app at Shopify Admin -> Apps.

  • Links list

    This option can be used only if your store has several websites for each language and the domain of your stores differs only in language, e.g.:,, Here you need to create a navigation menu with the links to each of the stores so that when the customers want to change the language for example from English to German, they will be redirected to your German store when clicking on German. To do so go to your Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Navigation -> Add menu. Then write a title for this menu, and add a menu item with the name e.g. German and paste a link to your German store. Repeat the action if you have the websites of your store in different languages.

  • None

    The language dropdown list will not be shown in the header, once you choose this option.

Klarna app

The option “Enable Klarna app” activates this app on your store. Additionally, you can add the app content and a tab for an app to the product page. In order to show the app content and create a tab, navigate to Products -> Product page and press “Add block”. How to configure the Klarna app for your store, you can read here.

Growave app

The “Enable Growave App” option allows you to activate using the app.

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