Product column

This block enables adding a product column for the template in the “Builder” section.

Add section -> Builder -> Product Column

Since this is a column, we highly recommend adding it together with some other blocks, like Promo box (Banner) or Custom HTML. Otherwise, you will have a Product column and a big blank space on the Home page, which doesn't make sense. If you decide to follow our advice, please do not forget to change the number of items in the row in Builder -> Column settings -> Size of the columns. Now let´s get deeper into the settings of the “Product column” block.


Here you can add a Title of the column, that will be displayed on the desktop. This is optional of course. In order to have some products shown in the product column, you need to select the proper collection from the list in “Collection”. The number of the products displayed in this column can be set on the “Maximum products in the column” scale from 1 to 6.


In the “Size of the column”, you can choose the needed size for the product column from the options offered in the dropdown list.

This is an example of the “Product column” block, that we have added together with the “Custom HTML” block (more about this block you can find in the next section) and have changed the number of items in the row (2 items in one row) in Builder -> Column settings -> Size of the columns:

If you want for instance to have a Product column not on the left but on the right side of the page, simply drag the “Product column” block under the other block. In our example, it would be a “Custom HTML” block.

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