If you need to have Brands on your pages, this section should be added.

Add section -> Brands


Here you can decide if to display a title for the section. If you need a title to be shown, simply type it in the “Title”.


In the “Section type” dropdown, one can select if to display brands as text or text with an image. If you need to display the image, choose the second variant “With image” and press “Select image” in the “Default image for "With image" type”. Please note, this image will be applied to all brands. The image height can be changed on the “Image height” scale from 30 to 150.

If you work only with the PJPG image format and the transparent images with the formats GIF or PNG shouldn’t be allowed in your store, enable the option “Enable format “PJPG”.

In the “Alphabet”, you can write the alphabet letters, which will be displayed in an alphabetical listing at the top of this section. The items should be separated by ','.

If you need to display your list of brands and not all brands in your store, fill in the “Custom list of brands” field. The items can be split by breaking the line.


In this block, you can create and apply settings for a new brand or customize each existing brand separately. In the “Block type”, you can choose a brand to which this block should be assigned: a new brand or an existing one.

In the “Brand name”, type the name of the brand. In order to add a brand logo of suppliers/manufacturers, select a logo in the “Image”. The link address can be added in the “Link” field to redirect customers to the needed page.

Here you can add a link to the collection and filter by brand. You need to add a new filter “Vendor” in Shopify admin-> Online store -> Navigation -> Collection and search filters using the Shopify Search & Discovery app for link filtering to work:

For more details on how to use the app, read the following help page.

The link format: {collection link}?filter.p.vendor={Brand}


This is how the brand section may look like if to add six “Brand” blocks with an image for each one and enable the “With image” option in the “Brands” section:

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