“Instagram” is a “Builder” block, which enables you to add your or some other Instagram content to your page.

Add section -> Builder -> Instagram


This block allows you to add Instagram content to your home page. Make sure, that this block is placed over all other content blocks. Once you've added the "Instagram", you may proceed with adding “Instagram block”.


If you enable the option “Show post details” the number of comments and likes will be shown on the image once it is hovered over with the mouse. In the “Amount of the images”, one can choose the number of images that should be displayed in the row. If one doesn’t want to have any space between the images, use the option “Disable paddings”. On the scale “Height” from 0 to 200% one can set the height of the images, where 0 is an auto-size of the image, 100 - a square image, less than 100 - a landscape, more than 100 - a portrait. In this block, one can also use the option “Disable lazy load” if needed.


Here you can choose the size of the column for the whole “Instagram” block. Simply pick up the needed option from the dropdown list in the “Size of the column”.

Instagram block

This block should be added after the block “Instagram”. The number of “Instagram blocks” depends on the number of images you want to be displayed. This is a static block, where you can add or change your Instagram images. The image size can be changed on the “Image size” scale from 150 to 300 pixels. If you choose the option “Enable format “PJPG” no transparent images will be available for this block. One can also decide whether the Lazy load should be enabled here. If you want your clients to be redirected to a particular page when clicking on the image, you can insert an URL in this block. In the fields “Likes” and “Comments” random numbers can be written. These numbers will be shown on the images when one hover over them with the mouse cursor. We have added 12 “Instagram blocks” and this is what we have got:

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