In this section, you can apply the layout settings for your store.
Theme settings -> Layout

Default content width

This option allows you to choose the content width. It can be either full or boxed. The default content width is “Full width”, but you can change it to “Boxed” anytime. The changes apply to the header, footer, and home page sections. You can overwrite this option in section options.
Full width

Show breadcrumbs

If you enable this option, the whole path you made to get to the particular product will be shown:

Pagination type

A Shella theme offers you 4 pagination types. “Infinite scroll” - loads next page content when you scroll to the end of the page. Button “Load more” - shows a “Load more” button at the end of the page. “Classic” - shows the list of pages with previous and next links. “Centered classic” - shows the list of pages with previous and next links, and is centered at the end of the page. Applies to the collection page and articles list page.
Centered Classic
Button “Load more”

Enable RTL

If you enable this option, the entire page content will be shown from the right side to the left. You may need to switch language at your Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Languages -> Published languages.
Example: If you need to have the page in Arabic, you need to follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Change the theme language to Arabic (please make sure, that the texts on your page are translated in Arabic).
  2. 2.
    Enable RTL.

Enable images lazyload

This option enables page speed optimization. You can check what lazy loading means and how it works in the example of Shopify’s lazy loading method in How Lazy Loading can Optimize Your Shopify Theme Images.
Please note, that the Shella theme uses a completely different code for this purpose!


Select the preset color, typography, and padding configuration. You may review the skin storefront at our demo stores.

Age confirmation

Here you can configure the “Age confirmation” popup. Enable the option “Enable age confirmation popup” if you want to use it for your store. Select the “Background image” to make it more attractive for the clients. Use the “Background image width” scale from 100 to 1200 to change the image size. You can also decide if to show or hide the confirmation checkbox.