Related product carousel

If you need to showcase a product carousel on product pages, the “Product carousel” section should be added.

Products -> Related product carousel

If you enable the option “Show Related products”, a related product carousel will be shown on a product page.

In the “Type”, you can choose one of the options: “Related” or “Recommendations”. If you use the related option, products will be displayed according to an internal algorithm.

Choose the “Recommendations” option to set up selected products in the section. You can use the Shopify Search & Discovery app in your Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Navigation -> Collection and search filters to decide the products that should display in the Related product carousel. How to apply settings in the app, you can read below.

If you need a title in the carousel, you can write it in the “Title”. In the “Size of columns” you can choose how many products should be displayed in one row. Simply choose the needed option from the dropdown list. On the “Max count” scale from 2 to 50 products you can choose the maximum number of products that should be displayed in the carousel. If this amount is bigger than the one you have set in the “Size of columns” a carousel will be dynamic and the products will be changed one by one. If the amount is the same, the carousel will be static.

If you want the products to be autoplayed enable the option “Autoplay”. On the “Autoplay speed (sec)” scale from 2 to 10 seconds, you can set the time frequency with which the products will be changed in the carousel. You can also choose whether “Arrows” or “Bullets” should be displayed when the products change, simply by enabling one or all of these options. If you activate “Is infinite”, the related product’s carousel will be infinite. If you disable this option, the carousel will stop, once it shows the final product.

Here is an example of the “Related product carousel”:

To set up products displayed in the Related product carousel, go to your Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Navigation -> Collection and search filters. Here you can use the Shopify Search & Discovery app.

  • Press the button “Open” to view the app settings.

  • In the side panel of the Admin, choose the “Recommendations” item and press the button “Add recommendations”:

  • Here you can choose the main product for which recommendations will be displayed:

  • Then, add the recommended products in the “Add related products” block:

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