In this section, you can configure your footer settings. Here you can decide which type of design it should have and what kind of information it should provide to your clients.

Sections -> Footer


Shella theme offers seven types of the footer which can be chosen from the dropdown list in “Type”. We will show you, what each type looks like. We have also enabled all possible options and have added all possible content blocks, which is why we would like to pay your attention to the point, that not each type of the footer contains all content blocks and other options. This is what makes them different.

Colorize style

Here you can choose the “Colorize style” of the Footer. The theme includes two styles:

For more advanced Footer color settings, a block “Colorize” should be added. Check details here.

If you enable this option, the footer logo will be displayed. This option is for footer types #1, #2, and #6. We will show you an example of the logo in the footer type #6:

How to configure the Footer logo, you can read here.

Show button “Back to top”

This option enables you to display the “Back to top” button. It is available for all footer types. Once the client clicks on it, users will be automatically on the top of the page, without scrolling up the browser page.

If you enable this option, the Footer will be fixed, which means there will not be any space between the footer and the other page content, when scrolling up the browser page.

Follow on Shop

Use the “Enable Follow on Shop” option to display the button in the Footer that allows customers to follow your store. How to set up the “Follow on Shop” button, you can read here.

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