Policy page

Here you can configure policy pages and the content that should be displayed on them.

Pages -> policy -> Policy page

IMPORTANT! In order to make your Policy page more attractive to buyers, add various sections by pressing “Add section”. The theme includes different content sections for a Product page, such as Builder, Article carousel, Brand Carousel, Product Carousel, Review Carousel, Contact Form, FAQs, Gallery, Information line, Search Form, Subscription form, Collections, Lookbook, One product, Slider Revolution, Spacer. How to configure each of them you can read here.

In order to create a new policy page you can follow these steps:

Step 1

Make sure that you created legal pages in Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Policies:

How to add or generate store policies, you can read here.

Step 2

Navigate to Shella Editor -> Pages -> Create template. In the “Name”, paste the title of the template and select the template “policy” in the “Based on” dropdown:

Press “Create template”.

Step 3

Go to Shopify Admin -> Online store -> Pages -> Add page and create a new page. How to add and edit a page you can read here. Then select created “Theme template”:

Save changes.

Step 4

Go to your Shella Editor -> Pages -> select the page, for e.g. “test-policy”. In the “Page type” drop-down, choose the policy which will be displayed on the page:

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