Current filters

This block shows all filters that customers have selected.

Others -> Search -> Search page -> Add block -> Current filters

Please note, this block is always hidden if there are no active filters.

The “Current filters” block will be shown over products for the vertical filters with the enabled option “Show current filters” in the Search page -> Current filters over the products grid. Check details here.

Section settings

You can give this block a “Title” and choose its “Default state”: open, close, fixed, or without a title.

Please note, once you select the option “Top & vertical filters” in Theme settings -> Collection and Search page -> Sidebar position on the desktop, only options “Open” and “Close” can be available and only for mobile mode. On the desktop view, filters will be displayed as closed by default. How to configure the sidebar position, you can read here.


If you want this block shows the name of the filter group, enable the option “Show current filters group”.

Please note, the filter group name will only be displayed if more than one group is selected.

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