This section allows displaying a slider with promotional or announcement text.



Content width

This option enables you to choose the width of the content on the desktop. It may be either full or boxed. If it is full the ticker is displayed in full width on a page. Once it is boxed, you will see some space between the ticker and a page on the left and right sides. In our example, we will show you the boxed width of the content:


Show separator

You can add the icon between the text lines displayed in the ticker by enabling the "Show separator" option.


Change the direction of the slider to the left or right side using the desired option from the "Referral" drop-down.


The speed of the ticker can be changed in seconds on the "Speed" slider. Use the measurements from 1 to 10 seconds.


To edit the background and text colors, use the corresponding color pickers in the current sub-section.


Use this block to add text content. To display several text strings in a slider, add as many content blocks as needed.

Put the promotional or announcement text into the "Text" input field. Here you can use the available options on the top of the input field to style the texts.

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