Theme Sections

In the “Template”, one can choose what Theme Section to use on a page.

Theme Sections:

Use the provided Theme Sections on different page categories: Home page, Products, Collections, Collections list, Pages, Blogs, Blog posts, Cart, 404 page, Password, Search.

Choose the section you need by hitting the “Add section” button in the “Template”:

The same dynamic sections can be used in the Footer and Header using the “Add section” button directly in these categories:

Please note if you use the theme sections in the Header and Footer, the same dynamic sections will be used in the entire store.

The Collection page heading (“Heading”) and Collection banner builder (“Banner Builder”) are designed for the collection page only:

To find the section that should be edited on a page, activate the theme Inspector on the panel next to the top drop-down menu.

Then, choose the section that needs to be identified. So, you will move precisely to the section you need and get the settings for viewing.

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