Usage information sidebar

The 'Usage information sidebar' is the popup on the right side that allows showing additional information. To keep it on product pages, this section should be added.

Products -> Usage information sidebar

If you need to have the “Usage information sidebar” on product pages, activate the option in Theme settings -> Product Page and Quick View -> Product page only -> Usage information sidebar. More information you can read here.

Text line

In case you need to add a text line for this section, press "Add Text line". You can add as many blocks as you need. In each “Text line” block you can select your “Icon” from the available icons. The icon codes you can find here. In the field "Text" you can write a specific text, e.g.: {value} people are viewing this item. You also have fields “Min value” and “Max value” where you can write the minimum and maximum value of the people “doing something with this item”.

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