Information line

In case you need to display a line with some information on your pages, you can add the “Information line” section.

Add section -> Information line

Information line


Here you can write a Title if needed.


In this section, you can choose the type of an Information line. There are 2 types:

Colorize style

Select the style in the “Colorize style” dropdown list. There are five available styles:


In order to have some information in this line, you need to add the content blocks. Simply click on “Add Content”. In each content block, you have 4 fields that you can fill in with the information you want to be displayed on your home page. In the “Icon snippet name” field you can insert any snippet which suits best for your shop. The list of the snippets you can find here. In the “Title” write the title of the information block. In the “Paragraph”, write the information text. In the “URL”, you can insert the link to which the customers will be redirected when clicking on the information block.

We have added the content for the block, and this is what we have got:

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