Contact form

If you want to display a contact form, add the “Contact form” section.

Add section -> Contact form

Contact form


Here you can write a Title of this section (if needed), that will be displayed on the home page, e.g.: “Contact us”.

As a default content page, there is already a fixed Contact form. The content of this form you can change in your Shopify Admin. Simply click on "Online Store", then press the dotted [...] button next to "Customize" and choose "Edit default theme content" from the drop-down. Then, hit the tab "Contact":

Show input label

If you enable this option, the input titles will be shown for the contact form:

Button type

Here one can choose the button type from the dropdown list. The theme includes two types:


Show info column

There is also an option that allows you to add additional content if you want to have some on the left side of the contact form. All you need is to enable the option “Show info column” and select a page in the “Page content”. How to add and edit a page you can read here.

Contact Map Code

If you want to have Google Maps showing your store’s address on the left side of the contact form, you need to insert the Google Maps code of your store in the field “Contact Map Code”. If you do not need this option, simply remove the code from the field “Code” and no Google Maps will be displayed.

In our example, we enabled the “Show info column” option, selected the “About our store” page, and added the Google Maps code. This is what we have got:

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