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Thank you for using the Shella theme. It has a lot of features and options. Shella gives you the power to configure your store in countless number of ways. With great power comes great responsibility. Be ready to spend a bit more time to become familiar with Shella's power.

How to find an option?

Start with Theme settings. You are currently in Theme settings, review it below.

Continue with Sections. There are multiple types of sections:

a) Dynamic sections - you can add or remove sections for the Home page, e.g.: Builder, Product carousel, Collections, One product. If you need any additional sections, please go to Sections -> Add section.

b) Static sections - they are store-wide, e.g.: Header and Footer. Go to the Sections tab.

c) Static sections per page - unique features per page type, e.g.: 'Product Page' and 'Related product carousel' sections for product pages or 'Sidebar' and 'Head' sections for collection pages. !!! _Navigate to page_ !!! and check the Sections tab.

Please note, the list of sections in the Sections tab will be different depending on the current page.

You can navigate to a needed page via store preview or using the Shopify page type switcher. Please check the Sections and theme settings Shopify help page for more details.

Change text

If you want to change the text of any button, checkbox, etc., go to your Shopify Admin -> Online Store, press the dotted [...] button next to “Customize” and choose "Edit default theme content".


Shopify help pages

Shella FAQ

Shella's video manual list

Shella user manual


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Please note the response time can be up to 2 business days.

Theme support does not include Customization services, Installation services.

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