Theme features



Show an announcement about your sale or free shipping in a single text line at the top of the page above the header.

Show information such as phone number, location, and social media icons in a separate section at the top of the page, below the Announcement bar.

A drop-down menu puts your navigation across a single row that is displayed in the center or aligned to the left. Can be used as a stand-alone menu or in the pair with the Vertical menu. Depends on the selected Header type.

A drop-down menu allows listing all of the menu items along the left side of a page. Can be used as a stand-alone menu or in the pair with the Horizontal menu. Depends on the selected Header type.

Allows you to keep your header visible when scrolling down a page.

The drop-down selectors (Header type & Colorize style) allow to identify the visual format of the Header and its colorize style.

Navigation menu with lists of links (menu items), and/or content blocks that can be customized through the theme Editor.

This block allows to automatically organize and customize the menu items/content blocks, inside the drop-down menu section.

Advanced four levels navigation menu.

Extended dropdown menu with twelve columns grid.

Show a brand logo of a store in the Header section. Allows to configure a separate logo for mobile.

The alignment of the logo to the center or the left depends on the Header style.

Show a shortcut icon associated with a website in an open browser tab.

Show cart icon and the number of items in the cart.

Improve shop usability by showing a cart popup on the right when users add products to the cart or click the cart icon. Complemented with sticky footer and quantity input.

Show the login icon or button text in the top right of the Header. The design depends on a Header style.

Show currency selector on a store to let your visitors choose a local currency.

Customers can smoothly check/compare products in the popups by clicking the buttons on the right top.

Show a search bar or a magnifying glass icon to allow users to make a keyword search.

Show a dropdown list or product image suggestions that change based on search input.

Show a magnifying glass on the left top as a button of a slide-out popup with a search field.


Show contact information on the left in the information line section.

Padding options

Change the height of the top line and paddings between items using scales.

Build-in theme functionality to allow customers to change a store language or redirect to another website that differs only in language.

Let your visitors quickly familiarize with critical pre-purchase questions by simply clicking the service icon and reading the information in the popup on the right.




Build your store with a highly configurable Builder section by using banners/sliders to add image and text blocks one by one.

Use an advanced dropdown selector to view various layout types of an image with text overlay.

The theme provides ten main layout types and their variations to create stunning banners on a website.

Let your visitors view various images/promotions in a single section with a selected sequence of content showing.

Make your store professional and attractive for customers with extended animation features: parallax, opacity, and image moving on hover.

Allows to place the entire page text content into a single section.

Add images with introduction text or links list over an image.

Show blog articles with the most recent posts in a separate section on your store page.

Provide insight into manufacturers featured in your store with links to related collections using a customizable brand carousel section.

Show a specific collection in a slideshow.

Show customer feedback and reviews in a slideshow on a page.

Create sub-collections with images, text, and/or call-to-actions buttons using dynamic sections.

Provide a convenient and immediate way for users to get in touch with you. Uses a standard Shopify contact form.

Use a Google Map code to show the store address and make it easy to find a store location. Shows on the left side of the contact form.

Grow your e-mail list of subscribers by placing a dynamic section anywhere on a page.

Use the theme template to answer common or critical questions about the company in the Q&A format.

Provide the visual aspects of your store using the Fotorama product gallery with Zoom and Lightbox in a fully customizable section within the theme editor.

Address crucial information by adding text with icons in a separate section (e.g., shipping, payment methods, delivery terms).

Allow customers to make a quick keyword search in the dynamic search section.

Create trendy portfolios in your store to get an overview of collections and show visitors how to combine items.

Smoothly add an Instagram gallery to any single store page to grow sales and expand followers.

Upsell to your customers by highlighting a specific product in a separate section.

Allow visitors quickly view products from a particular collection or collections.

Create several product columns with specific collections, or complement them with any other builder block.

Style your content in a Builder section to be full width by simply choosing the option.

Support of a standard width option for all sections.





Create a page design with custom features via the theme editor.

Collections list


Allows to show only selected collections on the page.




Add a specific banner in full width to each collection before the collection title and collection sidebar.

Organize your collection by creating sub-collections for each collection page.

Allows not to show products on a collection page and only display sub-collections on a separate page.

Add banners with links to collections and call-to-actions buttons directly to the product listing section.

Enables showing sorting order and product count details before the products list. Uses separate mobile controls.

Add the grid buttons to let your customers decide the number of products displayed per row as they browse through collections.

Showcase products on collection pages in full width by simply enabling the option.

Preset the products displayed in a row on different screen sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6, or list.

Customizable list design of a collection page.

Show the current filtering blocks below the sorting order. Useful for the slide-out filters popup on desktop and mobile view.

Show product swatches below thumbnail.

Configurable Sidebar:

Decide the display position of a sidebar on collection pages. Involves a customizable switcher block, filters, and content blocks.

Add various filter blocks to switch collections and filter by everything: price, title, vendor, description, type, tags, and product variants.

Display products from a specific collection in a carousel at the bottom of the page, between the products list and the Footer.

Let your visitors see a second product image by mouse hovering over the product.

Allows to change an image relative to a product variant when hovering the mouse over the color swatch.

Configure collection pages with one of the pagination types. The theme includes four different types.

Allow customers to quickly view the detailed product information and a product gallery in the popup simply by clicking the pre-designed "eye" icon. Includes "Full details" button. Provides configurable layout design specifically for quick viewing.

Use the default Shopify logic AND or select the advanced filter logic OR for collection filters.

Show back-and-forth arrows in the right bottom corner of the image to scroll through a product gallery.

Allows to show products title in one line. Another part of the product name will be shown as dots. Applicable both for desktop and mobile view.




Make your store attractive to customers with captivating and multifunctional product templates. Includes the ability to select the layout for an individual product page.

Show product gallery as thumbnails to the left of an image container on a desktop view and below the image on mobile. Mobile responsive.

Group product images by the selected color.

Customize eye-catching product pages using extensive image gallery settings.

Visitors can magnify the main image by hovering over the image. The zoom coefficient can be changed on a scale. Activated in the Zoom popup on mobile.

Show back-and-forth arrows inside the image container to scroll through a product gallery.


Showcase product images in a full-screen popup with the ability to browse through the images gallery. Mobile-friendly.

Displaying product descriptions in an accordion allows to keep the page well organized and add additional product-assigned details to separate sections. Uses custom tabs on a specific product.

Keep customers notified that they have a fixed amount of time to purchase an item at a sale price. Countdown the sale on every product page.

Show the stock status of a product and a range of stock countdown.

Allows to show the number of real-time visitors browsing this product.

Increase sales and conversion rates by displaying the estimated delivery date information and cut-off time to place an order to get the delivery on time.

Enables to show a table or chart with details on your product sizes. Display one for all products or add a unique size guide for each product. Optionally, hide the popup for a product.

Let your visitors get in touch with you without leaving a product page they are landing on.

Place the quantity box to allow buyers to choose the number of items that should be added to the cart.

Animate the "Add to cart" button using a shake feature.

Place an additional section on your product pages that can include two content blocks: Collection and/or page content.

Show other products from the same collection in a slideshow before the Footer.

Allows to add social share buttons that let your customers share their purchases across different platforms. And provides a free promotion of an online store.

Show payment methods to build trust and a sense of security when users shop in a store.

Build a shopping-remarkable experience for your customers by adding dynamic checkout buttons to skip the cart and use the method displayed on the button.

Allows to add a checkbox confirmation before the dynamic checkout button.

Enables show the bar on your store page to display the number of items that need to be added to the cart in order to get free shipping.

Show additional item details on your storefront in the customizable popup. Placed on the right side of the page.

Users can add a custom message/request to each product purchase.

Showcase more products from the current supplier with a link to the entire collection.

Scrolls up to an open tab. Can be applied only for vertical tabs both for desktop and mobile.

Create a page with meaningful information, shipping, and return details that will appear in the popup on each page.

Support of a local pickup functionality by Shopify. Displays on a page right after the dynamic checkout button. Includes detailed information popup.

Enables show the product details (image, product variants, quantity box, etc.) in a full-screen popup at the very bottom of the page. Mobile responsive.



Numerous styles:

Build a functional and engaging Footer in the theme editor using Type and Colorize style selectors and dynamic custom blocks. Applies to all pages of a store.

Allows to show a brand logo of a store in a Footer. Applicable for certain Footer types.

Use dynamic blocks to customize the necessary and critical content at the very bottom of the page.

Enables show several content blocks with a separate menu for each block and links to each menu item.

Place the subscription form at the very bottom of the page which tolerates customers to subscribe to the news without leaving a page.

Use the custom theme icons or add your own ones right in the theme editor. Configurable for certain footer types.




The theme supports all popular image formats like JPEG or JPG, Progressive JPEG, PNG, and GIF.


Improve customer experience while browsing your store by creating customizable banners and sliders that allow adding various video content: MP4, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Add virtual reality to your store using the three-dimensional images on product pages.

Promote your products and their benefits with more effective demonstrations using individual videos on each product description page.




Build-in theme Review apps allow displaying review stars on Product pages and Quick view popup, Collection pages, and Collections. And show reviews in a tab on a product description page.

Build-in theme Wishlist/Compare functionality. Allows to show icons in the Header section, under each product image on Collection pages and Collections. Will be displayed as icons/buttons on product pages & Quick view popup.

Briefly promote important information when shoppers landing the main page of a store by adding the Subscription popup. Enables expanding your mailing list to build relationships with the audience via email.

Show the passive popup for purchased items on every store page at the very bottom of the left corner.

Protect clients' privacy and provide the best online experience with a customizable cookies popup at the very bottom of store pages.

Flip right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

Enables shoppers to browse products and add them to their cart by never leaving the page they are landing on.

Allows showing the list of brands you are selling and lets your customers Shop by brand using the listing Brand page that further includes alphabetical listing and vendor's logo. Buyers can navigate to a page with more details by clicking on a brand.

Create fashionable looks and show them on a separate page template.

Customizable theme options allow disabling all the checkout elements in a store and creating a store-catalog.

Display your visual work in a pre-designed page template.

Drive traffic to your website and attract customers to your store with a blog page that furthermore includes a customizable sidebar block with a navigation menu, categories, and tags.

Arise new sub-topics of your blog on individual pages on a website and engage more with an audience by maintaining a two-way conversation. Let your visitors dive into the topic by including additional options like comments and share buttons.

Use the pre-build template to display the Contact form and Information column with a Google Map on an individual page.

Raise brand awareness, provide prompt answers to customer questions, and promote products on a Frequently Asked Questions custom page.

Reflect the legal pages on every single page. Use the pre-designed templates or create your own and customize them.

Sell an out of stock items with a customizable pre-order feature used for individual items.

Direct visitors to a product description page by disabling pre-selected product variants or hiding their visibility on collection pages. The button "Select options" will be shown instead of the "Add to cart" button.

Set a price for a single unit of measure that will be shown by pressing each product variant in a storefront.


Support of an Automatic discount by Shopify that will be displayed in the cart popup, Checkout, and Cart pages.

Display the input field for customer notes in the sidebar on a Cart page.

Mobile responsive design, easy to use and navigate, adaptive media, text sizes, and popups.





Use our 99+ pre-designed layouts, skins, and page templates. Or create your own pages with our 20+ theme sections and blocks.

Advanced option to avoid fixing images in a row. Can be used on certain pages such as the Collection list page, Gallery page, and Blogs.

The list of pre-designed Shella icons.

Configurable product labels to display on Product pages and Quick view popup, Collection pages, and Collections.

Choose social accounts from the suggested list that should be displayed as icons in the Information line section and Footer.

Allows to configure the design for each product variant that can be displayed on Collection pages and Collections, Product pages and Quick view popup. Available as a variant display option, dropdown, or text.

Change the border-radius of buttons and input.

Show color swatches on your store as a square image/color or as a circle image/color.

The configurable animation style for content on the mouse hovering over the product image. Can be applied only on a collection page.

Variety of color settings: for each Header line, Menu, buttons, Footer section, etc.

Support for Shopify's free font library.

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