Add this block to display filters in the sidebar. It includes the general settings regarding the filter's appearance.

Others -> Search -> Search page -> Add block -> Filters

IMPORTANT! This block will be available only with the enabled option “Enable default filtering” in the Search page -> Filtering. Check details here.

In order to display filters in the sidebar section, you should create them all in Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Navigation -> Collection and search filters -> Shopify Search & Discovery app. Learn more about filters here.

If you need to set settings for an individual filter block, you can add a “Filter settings” block and assign it to the corresponding filter. How to configure the “Filter settings” block, you can read here.

Section settings

You can choose the “Default state” of the block: open, closed, fixed, or without a title.

Please note, once you select the option “Top & vertical filters” in Theme settings -> Collection and Search page -> Sidebar position on the desktop, only options “Open” and “Close” can be available and only for mobile mode. On the desktop view, filters will be displayed as closed by default. How to configure the sidebar position, you can read here.


In the “Layout” dropdown, one can choose the columns limit for filters: 1, 2, 3 columns, or a row. On the “Max column size” scale from 0 to 30, you can choose how many items should be shown in one column.

Please note, the scale settings can be used if the limit of columns is set to 2 or 3 columns in the “Layout” dropdown. If you choose 0, the filter items will be displayed on a scroll or in a column.

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