How to create a new template

In this article, we will take a look at how to create and set up your own templates in the theme and connect them to pages in your Shopify Admin.

Shopify software allows creating templates for:

  • product pages;

  • collection pages;

  • blogs pages;

  • article pages;

  • webpages.

To create a custom template, you can follow the listed steps:

Step 1:

Start by creating a template in the theme editor. Press the top drop-down menu and choose a page for which a new template will be created, e.g. Collections:

Step 2:

Then, press the button “Create template” and edit the fields in the popup:

  • write the unique name for the template in the “Name” ;

  • the new template will be based on the one you choose from the “Based on” drop-down;

  • hit the button “Create template”:

Step 3:

Now, we need to go to Shopify Admin and assign a template to a page.

Depending on the page for which you created the template, choose a template in the “Theme template” drop-down:

  • Products - Shopify Admin -> Products, choose a product:

  • Collections - Shopify Admin -> Products -> Collections, choose a collection:

  • Blog posts - Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Blog posts, choose a blog:

  • Blogs - Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Blog posts, choose a blog, and in the “Comments” block, press on the blog:

Then, choose a template on the opened page:

  • Pages - Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Pages, choose a page:

Step 4:

Finally, you can go back to the theme editor, select a template and add specific content to the given template:

Press the “Add section” button to add any section from the Theme sections list. Read details on how to set up each section here.

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