This pre-designed page includes settings to configure the Password page.

Others -> Password -> Content

IMPORTANT! In order to make your Password page more attractive to buyers, add various sections by pressing “Add section”. The theme includes different content sections for a Product page, such as Builder, Article carousel, Brand Carousel, Product Carousel, Review Carousel, Contact Form, FAQs, Gallery, Information line, Search Form, Subscription form, Collections, Lookbook, One product, Slider Revolution, Spacer. How to configure each of them you can read here.



In the “Title” write the title of the subscription form. In the “Paragraph” write the information text. In the “Placeholder”, you can write a text if such a need arises. In the “Button text”, you can write the name of the button.

Here you can select an image for the Password page, which will be displayed on the right. The subscription form will be moved to the left side.

This is an example of how it may look in your store:

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