This is the collections switcher block, which navigates one to the collection selected in the sidebar Menu.

Collections -> Product grid -> Add block -> Collections

Please note, the “Collections” block supports only a two-level menu.

Section settings

You can give this block a “Title” and choose its “Default state”: open, close, fixed, or without a title.

Please note, once you select the option “Top & vertical filters” in Theme settings -> Collection and Search page -> Sidebar position on the desktop, only options “Open” and “Close” can be available and only for mobile mode. On the desktop view, filters will be displayed as closed by default. How to configure the sidebar position, you can read here.


In “Menu” you can choose from which menu the collections should be displayed in the sidebar. Firstly, you should create a Menu in Shopify Admin -> Navigation. How to add and edit a menu you can find here.

The option “Show the count of product on the collection” allows you to show the number of products for each menu item in the "Collections" switcher block.

Here is how the “Collections” block may look in the Sidebar on a collection page:

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