This block enables one to filter the products by tags.

Collections -> Product grid -> Add block -> Tags

Please note, if you want to use filters by product tags, the option “Enable default filtering” should be disabled in Collections -> Product grid. Learn more here.

Section settings

You can give this block a “Title” and choose its “Default state”: open, close, fixed, or without a title.

Please note, once you select the option “Top & vertical filters” in Theme settings -> Collection page -> Sidebar position on the desktop, only options “Open” and “Close” can be available and only for mobile mode. On the desktop view, filters will be displayed as closed by default. How to configure the sidebar position, you can read here.


Here you may set the design of filter items. If shown as a text list with checkboxes, or as color swatches. If you enable the option “Show checkbox area”, the checkboxes for color items will be shown. In order to display color variants as circle colors rather than as a text list, enable the option “Make as color circle”. Please note, this option works only with the ticked “Show checkbox area”.

In the “Tags list”, you can write the items, that should be shown in the filter for the checkmark. The items can be separated simply by breaking the line.

In the “Layout”, you can choose how the tags should be displayed: in rows or columns. On the “Max column size” scale from 0 to 30, you can choose how many items should be shown in one column. Please note, the scale settings can be used if the limit of columns is set to 2 or 3 columns in the “Layout” dropdown. If you choose 0, the filter items will be displayed on a scroll or in a column. In the “Section visible on collections” you can decide on which collection pages this “Tag” block should be shown. All you need is just to write a handle of the collection. If there are several collections, please add a handle using a separator '|'. Example: 'men-s|women-s'. If you do not write anything in this field this “Tag” block will be displayed on all collections by default. Where to find a handle, you can read here.

How to add filter by tags (Color):

  • Go to your Shopify Admin -> Products;

  • Select Product;

  • Add tags to the product;

  • Save changes.

  • In your Shella theme Editor go to Collections -> Product grid;

  • Add 'Tag' block;

  • Configure the 'Tags list' fields;

  • Save changes.


In our example, we have used this block for the Color filter with the following settings:



Default state:


Show checkbox area - enabled

Make tag as color circle - enabled

Tags list:

Red Yellow Green Olive Khaki Aqua Black Silver Blue Grey White Purple Violet Pink Plum SandyBrown LightPink LightGreen


3 columns

Max columns size:


And this is what we have got:

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