One product

This section allows showing one product as a single section on your pages. If you need this, add the “One product” section.

Add section -> One product

One product

Here you can select a product from the options in the “Product”. There you will see all products that you have added to your Shopify Admin. How to add and edit the products you can find here.

In the dropdown list of “Layout”, you can choose the position of the text on mobile: to display the centered information or aligned to the left.

The option “Reverse layout” allows you to change the positioning of the content with the image from the left to the right side.

Here you can enable the “Show gallery” option and the product's images will be shown in this section.

In case you want to have a completely different image of this very product, you can press “Image”. If your product has several images, you may need some arrows that will help your customer to check all images of the product. In order to get them simply enable the option “Arrows”.


Here you can decide which labels should be shown on the product. The following labels are available: “In stock”, “Pre-order”, “Out of stock”, “Sale”, “New”, and “Hot”:


In the “Elements”, you can choose what kind of product information should be displayed on the home page, e.g.: title, price, SKU, buttons, quantity, etc.

Background image

In order to make this section more attractive for the clients, you can add the “Background image” for a desktop and a mobile view. The image size can be changed by choosing one of the options from the dropdown list in the “Image height”. If you want to show another image for mobile, press “Select Image” in the “Mobile background image”.

We have added the background image, and this is what we have got:

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